ISM Services

ISM Services

ISM provides a distinct and comprehensive services which are as follows:

Consultancy and research services :

ISM provides al types of consultancy in the field of economy with the help of government organizations and economy experts in:

1- Manufacturing   2- service   3- Agricultural and other different fields.

ISM do preliminary research for strategic and non-strategic projects and consult the different local and foreign banks in Sudan , as it follows the daily economic movements internationally and locally , it also follows a modern scientific ways for doing researches.

Consultancy services includes : 

  1.  Preliminary research for the different projects
  2. Scanning markets
  3. Studying goods promotions
  4. Estimating budges for different projects
  5. Comparing different goods with proceeding projects
  6. Studying the different projects that are given by government
  7. Estimating advertisements outcome and giving different ideas

Legal services :

ISM provides all companies related works and contractions as well as completing and revising old companies files and other services such as :

  1. Individual and company service
  2. Registration of companies and business names
  3. Upgrading of companies
  4. Business and companies settlements
  5. Issue of companies memorandums
  6. Legal and attachments of contracts
  7. Taxes registration
  8. Individual and companies  issue of tax book
  9. Taxes clearance and settlements
  10. Pre-investments and feasibility studies for projects
  11. We submit and follow up applications of official departments in all sectors agricultural, industrial and service.