Alamirain Consultancy

Alamirain Consultancy

Al-Amirain Consulting Services and Economic and Social Studies
Al-Amirain Consulting Services:
Al-Amirain Center for Consultancy Services was established in 2006 in Khartoum, Sudan as a consultancy house working in the fields of economic, social, administrative and legal consultation under the council of consultancy houses of the Council of Ministers.
Al-Amirain  is a consulting firm that provides integrated consulting solutions for owners of small, medium and large enterprises and creative entrepreneurs from field surveys on market trends, preparation of feasibility studies for projects, follow-up stages of implementation and periodic supervision of projects until they achieve their goals and profitability.

Al-Amirain for Economic and Social Studies
Vision: Excellence in effective and tangible dealings with the social and humanitarian issues of the society, according to scientific foundations for the protection and development of the individual, and the safety and progress of society.
Mission: Community service through the use of scientific research and studies in addressing social and humanitarian problems in society.
 Objectives of the Center:
One of the most important objectives of the Center is to value the role of organized scientific research in offering alternative solutions to the difficult humanitarian situations and to formulate and propose a new vision for social peace through field studies of different approaches and finding solutions based on knowledge and knowledge in real partnership with the Synod through the preparation of research and strategic studies. The political, economic and cultural issues of the society, especially in the dialogue and culture of peace, and its academic and material support.
Spreading a culture of peace in conflict zones and tribal conflict areas through active partnerships with civil society organizations, international and regional organizations, local governments, civil administrations and community members, especially university and secondary school students, as a small and widespread community.

  The Center includes seven research units dealing with humanitarian issues and social problems:
⎫ Unit of Economic Studies and Market Studies
⎫ Community Studies Unit (Women – Children – Youth)
⎫ Peace and Development Studies and Post-Conflict Studies Unit.
⎫ Research Unit on Culture, Identity, Citizenship and Social Responsibility.
⎫ Unit of studies of negative phenomena in society (crime and drugs).
⎫ Disaster Studies Unit.
⎫ International relations and human rights

Al-Amirain Business Incubators
Al Amirin Center for Studies adopts a project for business incubators for junior investors, which is designed to support the development and success of start-ups by providing them with a range of support resources and services designed and managed by the incubator’s management, either provided by the incubator directly to the start-up companies or through a network of relationships. Business incubators differ from each other in the way they provide start-ups with services, organizational structure, and the quality of the clients they serve.

Objectives of Al-Amirain incubators : –
1 / Increase the opportunity of new projects.
2 / Providing a suitable environment for the establishment of small projects and protect them in the initial stages by careful follow-up to the implementation of the study.
3 / Transform research and studies into projects and products can be marketed.
4 / Support the skills and innovations of new entrepreneurs – support innovations and help in the development of new ideas and marketing and find funding for them.
5 / Linking small industries together (industrial integration).
6 / Presenting strong projects to the future society able to continue development.
7 / Provide infrastructure for projects feeding large projects existing in the Nile.
8 / Transform unemployment in society into an economic power capable of giving and providing jobs to others.
9 / Achieving the principles of social development through the economic development of the members of society.
10 / Preparation of comprehensive feasibility studies and supervision of their application.
11 / Provide technical and technical support (government, universities, research centers, bodies and institutions).
12 / Identification of the best forms of financing and contracting existing in the labor market.
13 / Provide consulting support periodically for projects associated with the incubator and identify all stages.
14 / Follow-up and continuous motivation by specialists in the management of investment projects.

Areas of Work:
1 / Office incubator: –
Some creative young people launch consulting projects and trade activities that require the establishment and opening of a headquarters and offices with great effort and capital. A ready-made office incubator with all office supplies is available from luxurious offices and meeting rooms to enable project owners to manage their projects, meetings and meetings. The applicant’s desire to incubate with the presence of service staff, data entry and printing on the degree of qualification, training and efficiency in the service of the incubator associates throughout the day.
2 / Agricultural incubator: –
Preparation of feasibility studies and periodic supervision of all stages of implementation of projects related to the agricultural sector from land cultivation, irrigation, tillage, irrigation and marketing of crops.
3 / Animal Production Incubator: –
It undertakes the preparation of feasibility studies and periodic supervision on all phases of the implementation of projects related to the livestock sector and the production of poultry farms and cows and dairy.
Feasibility and periodic supervision on all stages of the implementation of technical and information projects and computer projects, issuing newspapers, courtesies and courses, printing presses and marketing of information and technical services by designing and managing websites and others.
Industrial Incubator:
The feasibility studies for the industrial projects are followed up. Sutah was a small and small industries, handicrafts, bakeries or workshops, and periodic supervision of the implementation of all stages of the project, advising on the best raw materials, the lowest cost and transfer and advising on marketing plans and the liabilities of excellence under the labor market.
Transport Incubator:
Preparation of feasibility studies on means of transportation and deportation, methods of operation and management and periodic supervision at all stages of implementation.
Steps of the Incubator:
1 / Applicants wishing to fill out the membership forms for the incubator and determine the area in which the associate wishes to work.
2 / The competent administration of the incubator shall prepare the feasibility study for the submitted project and provide advice to the associate, the quality of the activity, its scope, location, time, competitor market and the possibilities of excellence in it to achieve the success of the project.
3 / The incubator provides advice on the best form of financing for the participants of the proposed project and participates with the person or entity affiliated with the incubator in negotiations with the financiers to reach the best formulas that achieve the project success.
4 / The incubator then supervises the implementation of all stages of the project and the commitment to the feasibility study and provide advice in the event of the emergence of emergencies and developments in order to achieve the project stability and profitability.
5 / The competent administration visit the project periodic visit at the rate of two visits per month, decreasing by nature to provide field advice and advice on the progress of the project and analysis of the improvements and the benefits of opportunities to achieve the highest degree of success and profitability of the project.